IT Essentials for Small Business
Promotional Offer for May

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IT Essentials for SMB

The core IT services you need to survive!

IT service
is essential to all businesses.

For the SMBs, it is no different.

ResolveIT has bundled some core IT services for you!

We will manage these services .

No technical expertise is required.

IT Essentials for SMB

What's included in the bundle?


Productivity Tools

Microsoft Office Cloud (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)


File Syncing, Sharing and Backup

Backup - 1 TB OneDrive


Email & Video Conferencing 

Exchange Business email account 50 GB per account
Microsoft Teams -(video meetings)


Cyber Security Software

Corporate Antivirus protection


Book Keeping and Invoicing

Accounting package setup -Wave App FREE (Cloud)


Remote VPN

Remote access - up to 5 users - FREE


Ecommerce (do business online)

Ecommerce Account - (optional). Do business online and receive payments.


Technical Support

Remote support - 3 sessions per month.

Bundled Value : $300,000 per year. But...

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Sign up by May

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Get a 5 page website with link to eCommerce account done in 1 week!

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'Our mission here is to accelerate our clients' growth by leveraging our information technology products and services. Let us help you to manage  business disruption'

Almando - CEO

IT Essentials for SMB Bundle
Promotional Offer

IT Essentials




Payments are prepaid and are due on the first working day of each month. If service commence after, then client will pay for the remaining days within the month. Payment must be confirmed via bank transfer or in-store card payment before service is schedule.


No annual contract

No annual contract is required to benefit from this bundle.


Website development

The website development process requires customer to complete a mandatory form, supply all text content in an editable format, and provide mulitmedia content specific to the business. Once form is complete, the website will be completed within 7 working days.


Domain name & extension

Domain name selection will be done by end user. Domain extension will be done by ResolveIT. Domain names created within this bundle are hosted by ResolveIT. Customer may use their existing domain, however, the bundle will remain the same price.


Technical support

All technical support included within the IT Essential for SMB is provided via telephone, email, or may require remote dekstop support.


Administrator Access

ResolveIT manages all services, and do not provide admin access to the customer.



ResolveIT may may withdraw this offer at any time, at its sole discretion. ResolveIT may also modify or change these terms and its fees and pricing structure at any time, in that case, only the discounts stated in this offer shall apply and you shall be responsible for paying any price adjustment. No other discounts apply to this offer. You shall be responsible for paying for any additional cost of any other plans or add-ons, including, but not limited to, fees associated with website customization after it is handed over or for technical support that exceeds the number of sessions prescribed.



Either party, ResolveIT or customer can terminate service/s via registered email within 31 days notice. Customer shall indemnify and hold ResolveIT liable against any claim or liability of any kind (including penalties, fees or charges of any kind whatsoever) resulting from failure.